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Calgary’s David Howse Marketing is a leader in Social Media Marketing Services. From paid social media ads to social media management including community and stakeholder (the other businesses you work with) engagement.

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At Mount Royal University

David developed and taught the Social Media Final Project class. He taught almost 100 marketers in Calgary how to develop a social media marketing strategy for their business

Social Media Marketing Management

While a complete social media strategy would include the below activities, industrial marketing allows for a streamlining of the process. The use of social media in an industrial marketing context tends to be limited to showcasing the latest projects, awards, employment opportunities, and partnerships. In many cases, even showing the latest projects can be a challenge because the end client for a project, a land developer, for example, may not permit it.

  • Metrics Dashboard
  • Situation Assessment
  • Implementation Staging
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Engagement Map
  • Central Theme
  • Content Development Framework
  • Digital Marketing Objectives
  • Content Production Schedule
  • Target Profile/Persona
  • Brand Engagement Guidelines
  • Digital Marketing Mix + Analytics
  • Management Recommendations

Social Media Content

Below are some examples of the initial series of posts across Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for Calgary-based SASS Vizzn Inc.
Calgary social media marketing agency

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Our Social Media Marketing Process

Situation Assessment

This is a brief outline of what is going on with you organization in relation to its challenges and how social media marketing could play a role in meeting those challenges. As we’ve said, you may only want enough social media so that your business looks “alive.”

Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives of an organization are a concrete way to help it achieve its goals, and they ought to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timebound. 

Central Theme

Central themes are a unifying look that usually comes from a company’s brand or a particular campaign. It is helpful to have a graphic designer manage the images used in the social media platform setup. The website development phase isn’t the only time to think about colours, images, and fonts. Examples of central theme can be seen below.

social media management LinkedIn Calgary

social media management LinkedIn

Calgary Facebook marketing agency

Digital Marketing Objectives

A level below an organization’s strategic objectives is its marketing objectives. Within the marketing objectives will be listed digital marketing objectives. The objectives list you wish to achieve through digital marketing efforts. “A strong social media presence that, within six months, drives 25 percent more traffic to our website” could be a digital marketing objective.

Target Profiles

These are the demographic and sociographic descriptions of the kinds of people an organization will target. An example of a target could be, “Health conscious females living in Calgary between the ages of 30 and 60.” These profiles can be further developed in to “characters” from which further marketing efforts can be modeled. 

Digital Marketing Mix + Analytics

Digital marketing include marketing elements that are based on digital/online technology. Some of these elements include:
(1) Email (2) SEO (3) PPC (4) Social Media. The mix refers to the respective weight(s) of these elements used in a particular campaign. Analytics is the measurement of these elements.

Metrics Dashboard

The reporting area of your social media activity. Metrics dashboards allow the measurement of activity related to social media KPIs and enable better decision making. 

Implementation Staging

This is a schedule for rolling out individual social media channels. 

Engagement Map

A rule set of how visitors to your social media channels will be engaged. There are a few typical scenarios for most organizations and those scenarios should be discussed in this section. Think of “If a visitor says X1 then you say Z. If a visitor says X2 then you say Y” and so forth.

Content Development Framework

A guideline for how the organization will develop its content. Consider who will create the content, who in the organization will have authority to sign off on content, and any external resources to be used in the process. Consider the role of employee advocacy in content development.

Content Production Schedule

The timeline of when content will be created. Consider events such as campaigns, seasonal events, special events, etc.

Brand Engagement Guidelines

Understanding your client’s brand is important to being able to suggest brand engagement guidelines. 

Management Recommendations

As our marketing work with your company evolves, there will be opportunities for us to provide you with recommended actions beyond the initial plan.