Google Ad Management (PPC)

Like all of our marketing services, Google pay-per-click is entirely managed at our Calgary office.

Since our start in Google Ads, back in 2008, our core philosophy has remained the same – Google Ads is an auction. This means, we are not buying but bidding. While most marketing agencies use a set-it-and-forget-it strategy we monitor your digital advertising campaigns daily to understand bidding opportunities that others don’t see.

Did You Know…

Google Ads

David Howse developed the Google Ads and SEO course for Mount Royal University and has taught marketing there since 2015?

Consider this simple PPC bidding strategy: Most Calgary businesses that run Google Ads have a monthly or daily budget. Usually, the budget is reset at the beginning of each day. If everyone is participating in the auction early in the day, then the cost per click is at its highest. As budgets are depleted, bidders fall out of the auction. With fewer bidder, the cost per click gets lower and lower. Those who pay less per click get more clicks and usually that means – more conversions (more sales or phone calls).

Calgary Google Ads management
One of the most entertaining books on pricing theory.
Calgary Google Ads PPC agency
To be a PPC expert, all you need to do is read a few books on auction theory and practices that theory on the Google Ads platform for 15 years. Just kidding! We’ll do it for you at a fair price.

DIY versus Hiring a PPC Expert

Self-Managed Google Ads
Strategy: When a company runs their own ads, they usually rely on internal resources to set up and manage the Google Ads campaign. They use basic keyword targeting and ad creation without in-depth analysis or optimization. Often, the DIY approach ends up with the business allowing Google to run every aspect of the campaign – this is a worst case scenario. To be honest, what would be worse is, if a “Google sales person” phoned them and the business owner followed their advice.

Challenges: The self-managed approach cad lead to challenges in identifying the right keywords and ad messaging that resonated with the target audience. The lack of expertise in campaign optimization resulted in stagnant performance. People new to Google Ads usually forget about negative key words, geo targeting restrictions, and conversion optimization. The good efforts in your website design can be wasted on poor ad campaign execution. The attempt to augment early efforts in SEO with Google Ads can be frustrating.

Impact: The campaigns set up by business owners generate minimal improvement in website traffic, with a marginal increases in conversion rates. ROI remained relatively unchanged or even goes negative, and the cost per acquisition may not even be tracked. A lack of professional expertise can lead to suboptimal campaign performance and limited business growth.

Professional Marketer Managed Google Ads
Strategy: As professional marketers, we conduct thorough keyword research and competitor analysis to create targeted ad groups. We optimized ad copy, utilized ad extensions, and implemented conversion tracking. Continuous A/B testing is conducted to refine ad performance. Targeting is restricted to the proper geographic region and unhelpful search terms are blocked.

Challenges: Ad clicks start within a few hours of setting up the campaign but the true optimization and improved conversions can take a few weeks as we test one campaign against another.

Impact: Our Google Ad campaigns result in significant increases in website traffic, leading to a rise in conversion rates. Improved ROI from our efforts is usually immediate, and the cost per acquisition decreases as time passes.