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We manage SEO for several industrial and B2B business’s in Calgary; companies like Borger Group, Jet Hydrovac, Vizzn, and the Space4Rent Network have been our clients from as early and 2011. Tax consulting firm Cawston & Associates has used our services since 2008! In the beginning, of their these business’ websites suffered from low visibility and rankings, leading to limited organic traffic and underperformance on Google. The challenges were evident, with the companies struggling to attract potential customers and losing ground to competitors, our SEO strategies solved their problems.

We provide SEO and Website Management Services for websites built on: WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, and Siteglide.

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Search Engine Optimization

David Howse developed the current SEO course for Mount Royal University and has taught marketing there since 2015? He also developed the first-ever Digital Marketing course for the now University of Doha for Science and Technology.

After using our SEO Services

Hiring us as their SEO experts proved to be a game-changer for all of the below listed Calgary-based businesses. Their websites experienced a significant increase in traffic, with organic visits skyrocketing. The search engine rankings improved dramatically, placing the company at the top of relevant search results. Through our website development efforts, user experience received a major boost, leading to increased engagement and longer page visits. For some of our customers, in competitive niches, SEO was augmented with Google Ads until rankings reached page one. As a result, the businesses witnessed notable growth in their customer base and achieved remarkable results.

Calgary SEO services client case psychologist Google ranking history
Click to see the full sized image of our work with a Calgary-based psychologist’s website.

Client Case – SEO for a Calgary-based Psychologist

Calgary SEO services client case psychologist Google search terms ranking
Calgary SEO services client case psychologist Google search terms ranking

When a former Calgary-based psychologist client came to us, they had a major problem – no one could find her website. The average Google ranking for 24 of her most relevant search terms had her website on page 4! No one goes to page 4 of a Google search.

Over a period of 16 months, we reworked her website in a way that allowed Google to understand what her business was about and that she was in Calgary. We applied over 100 SEO techniques (see a near complete list of SEO techniques here) and the results were typical for any of our clients – more business!

Looking at the above actual ranking history, we see:

  1. March 26, 2022 – Average Google ranking = 31 (page 4). Zero business from Google searches.
  2. August 21, 2022 – Average Google ranking = 18 (page 2). Some of the searches are on page one and she is now getting phone calls and email inquiries.
  3. January 16, 2023 – Average Google ranking = 14 (a mix of page 1 and page 2). More of the searches are on page one and she is now getting several phone calls and email inquiries every week.
  4. November 7, 2023 – Average Google ranking = 9.9 (over 24 search terms on page 1!). This was a happy-sad moment for us. Our client was getting so many phone calls and email inquiries that not only was she now fully booked, but those clients were providing referrals to their friends. Referrals from friends are much better than SEO. She ended her SEO work with us which was very easy for her as, the whole time, we operated on a month-to-month SEO service contract.

Client Case – SEO for a Calgary-based Construction Company

SEO services Calgary construction company
The average Google ranking position for one of our Calgary-based construction company clients is 2.8!

For some B2B and B2G focused construction clients, not a lot of business will come from Google searches. Government work is often by tender and most developers, for example, already know who their potential subcontractors are. For this reason, our SEO services can start as little as $800 a month. Competition is lower and therefore, resourced required to rank a hydrovac company are a lot less than ranking a psychologist’s website.

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SEO Expert’s Strategies

The SEO expert conducted thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for the industry. On-page optimization techniques were implemented to ensure that the website’s content was optimized for search engines. The expert also focused on building authoritative backlinks to enhance the website’s credibility and visibility. Technical SEO audits helped identify and fix any underlying issues that were hindering the website’s performance. Furthermore, valuable and engaging content was created to attract and retain the target audience. Overall, the website received a comprehensive optimization to maximize its potential.

Results and Impact / Client Testimonial

“The impact of David’s SEO strategies was remarkable. Website traffic was up 1500%, with organic visits contributing significantly to this growth. The website climbed the search engine rankings, securing a top position on the first page of Google for relevant keywords. This increased visibility led to a 600% increase in leads and a 120% increase in conversions.”

“We are extremely pleased with the results achieved after hiring David Howse. Our online presence has grown exponentially, and we have witnessed a substantial increase in customer inquiries and sales. The expertise and dedication David provided HAS truly transformed our business. We highly recommend HIS services to any business in Alberta looking to improve their website’s ranking on Google.” – Trevor Cawston.

Key Takeaways

Investing in our SEO services can be a game-changer for your businesses. It enables you to overcome the challenges of low visibility and poor rankings, leading to increased website traffic, higher search engine rankings, improved user experience, and substantial business growth. The case study highlights the positive impact of our professional SEO services and emphasizes the importance of leveraging expert strategies to achieve outstanding results.

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