Calgary-based Business Plan Writer

Since 1993, David has worked on over 100 market research projects, feasibility studies, and business plans. There are generally three reasons people need a business plan:

  1. Landlord leasing approval – property managers want to know what type of business is occupying their space and that there’s a good chance for the business to succeed.
  2. Lender requirements – banks also want to know about your business but since they are lending your money, what want to see a reasonable plan that liquidating your assets, should the business fail, is of low probability.
  3. Strategic planning – this is the most important reason to write a business plan. After a few months in business, you can start to track your actual performance against the predicted performance from your business plan.

Business plans we wrote for prospective Calgary business owners

We have written far too many business plans to list them all here. Below are a few examples where we assisted current business owners in business plan writing (usually for financing an expansion) and new entrepreneurs hoping to start a business for the first time.

coffee shop business plan Calgaryhealth relaxation spa business plan Calgary

car detailing business plan Calgary

residential solar panel installation business plan Calgary

federally regulated cannabis cultivation business plan Calgary

greenhouse food delivery business plan Calgarycbd thc retail business plan Calgary

automobile towing business plan Calgary

residential construction business plan Calgary

beer liquor store business plan Calgaryperformance arts facility feasibility study Calgary

import wholesale bridal accessory business plan Calgary

food production business plan Calgary

Did You Know…

in Qatar

David taught Entrepreneurship and Business Research to 100s of students at the University of Doha for Science and Technology (then CNAQ)

Cost to write a business plan

The cost of our business plan writing service ranges from $1500 to $10,000. Factors affecting the cost are:

  1. Time-line: research proves that the best amount of time to write a business plan is about 6 months. We’ve never had a client that did this. The majority of our clients ask for a business plan to be written in 2 weeks but settle for 6-8 weeks.
  2. Purpose: a business plan for landlord approval is much easier to write than one for bank financing.
  3. Funding required: Asking a bank for $100,000 which is guaranteed against your home equity requires less information than for one requiring $3,000,000 unguaranteed financing with a government grant attached. 

Example Business Plan Cost and Time to Delivery

A business plan for the purchase of a franchise that is

(a) 50-percent self funded (b) the franchisor has provided you with ample business information (c) we have 30 days to write it and (d) you are responsive to our questions i.e. reply the same day to our emails

will only cost about $1500.