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Increase Your Calgary Business' Sales in Six Months

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The Best Marketing Advice Ever

Back in 2009 I began working for Ben's Beef Jerky in Lethbridge, Alberta. Ben's Beef Jerky is a family run business started by Ben Tschetter about 20 years ago. To make a long story short, Ben wanted to:

  1. increase his sales
  2. expand his market
  3. add sales channels (beyond retail)
  4. get his distributors to follow a uniform plan

Odds are, you want to do the same - or something similar.

I'm guessing you've heard the advice of a lot of people or
read several articles about marketing.

Maybe the problem is that you bought in to what these people or articles are saying. Now you have a list of "to-dos" to solve your marketing problem:

  1. build a website
  2. get some SEO on the website
  3. do some social media
  4. make a video
  5. send some fliers out with Canada Post
  6. hire a sales guy
  7. and any other so broadly stroked action item that the details of how it will all work can never be seen.

How did I increase the sales of a 20 years old business by 20% in less than 6 months?


  1. Research
    1. I spend a few days with Ben at his facility in Lethbridge
    2. I learned the product
    3. I listened and asked questions to understand his customers (distributors, retailers)
    4. I listened and asked questions to understand his customers' customers (retailers, consumers)
    5. I researched the competition
    6. I researched comparable but different products
  2. I Created a Plan
  3. I Put That Plan in to Action

A part of the Plan: In the end I made about 100 appointments with retailers, yes COLD CALLING. Of those 100 calls I got about 60 appointments with retailers across Alberta. Two days a week every week for 16 weeks I loaded my car up with beef jerky products and did a sales presentation to every one of those 60 retailers. Of those 60 retailers about 55 of them bought. Everyone from IGA to Sobeys to gas stations to corner stores in Calgary Lethbridge and Medicine Hat were now carrying Ben's Beef Jerky.

I returned every four to six weeks to restock the shelves or displays and make a few more sales presentations to retailers in the area or on the way.

None of this was done with a website or SEO as the primary marketing focus. These little things help but you have to be careful because the latest marketing trend tends to be a distraction to what really works ...


Over the course of your business you're going to get some good advice but also a lot of bad advice. The easiest way to tell if bad advice is bad is to consider the person giving it. If he or she is not capable of carrying out the plan, then maybe you shouldn't buy that plan from them. If any marketer is worth his or her salt they will have no problem loading up their vehicle with beef jerky or what every product it is you need help with and solve your problem.