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Updated October 2, 2014: Lethbridge SEO Update- We are the leader in Search Engine Optimization in Lethbridge simply because we take your website's ranking very seriously. Some of the tactics we use are:

  1. Backlink IP tracking
  2. Backlink to source content relevancy
  3. Content update frequency monitoring
  4. Competition tactic monitoring
  5. And of course we follow Google's SEO guy and discuss those suggestions within the greater SEO community.

Updated April 12, 2014: Lethbridge SEO - Improving your website's ranking on Google

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is commonly referred, is the fine-tuning of a website that makes it more easily found when people do not know your website address. The Google search engine is the most used search engine and therefore, what Alberta businesses should be focusing on when it comes to SEO and their website.

Current Client Projects

We are currently managing or consulting on Search Engine Optimization for the following companies:

  • The Borger Group of Companies (Calgary)
  • Arlington Street Investments (Commercial Real Estate Investing & Development)
  • Cawston & Associates (Calgary Tax Consultants)
  • Dr. Shannon St. Pierre (Calgary Psychologist)
  • PDLCC (Calgary Call Center with USA / Canada Focus)
  • SureCall (Calgary Call Centre with Canada Focus)
  • FloorRight (Lethbridge Flooring Company)
  • and several others

For each one of these companies we would be pleased to show you the before and after traffic changes (as a percentage - actual client data is always private and confidential. Testimonials are also available from each of these company's owners/presidents.

Our overall strategy has less to do with ranking your website for any search term that can be easily ranked. We are marketers first and therefore what a "typical SEO guy" might tell you are the best search terms probably are not going to be the best for you. Our approach comes from a revenue generation model that only a seasoned business person or entrepreneur will know.

The proof of this approach is in not the change in your web traffic but the change in your monthly revenues / financial statements - again, our clients will attest that we make them more money.

Most SEO changes go unnoticed to site visitors since the changes sit in an area of code that only search engines such as Google look at. Having a marketer take care of your SEO is the only way to ensure you attract the right people in a way that works with your overall marketing strategy.

The first example of our SEO work is for Calgary businessman, Bill Borger.

Having swum the English Channel in 2000, Mr. Borger planned on using his May, 2011 summit of Mt. Everest to raise funds for the Calgary Handi-Bus. The fundraising initiative, which as of July 24, 2011 has raised $436,300, required a certain level of publicity. See Calgary Public Relations Company to see more on Bill Borger's Mt. Everest story.

The term "peak and pond" refers to the dual feet of the Channel swim and the Everest climb. As you can see, our SEO beat out ESPN. This term is one of about 300 that we ranked www.borgerpeakandpond.com for as a means to bring awareness to the Calgary Handi-Bus Association fundraising. This wasn't the highest traffic term to rank for but is was the most satisfying (if only to beat ESPN's story of a man who had swum the English Channel in a wet suit).

Calgary SEO, Example #1

calgary seo bill borger peak and pond calgary


Calgary SEO, Example #2

calgary seo search engine optimization how to rank first on google calgary alberta

Integrative Health Centre is a Calgary Naturopathic clinic run by Dr. Chantelle Drobot. We started SEO work for her clinic in April of 2011. She is currently ranked fifth for the highly searched term Calgary naturopath, third for the term Calgary naturopathic doctor, and is on the first page of other major terms. The goal is to get her to NUMBER 1 on all relevant search terms.


Lethbridge SEO, Example #3

lethbridge seo search engine optimization calgary alberta

Vancouver SEO, Example #4 (for a Lethbridge Business)

lethbridge seo vancouver search engine optimization

Since Bells & Bows Bridal Centre of Lethbridge carries lines exclusive to Canada it was important that the SEO work we did for them cover as much of Canada as feasible. We have been able to first-page rank, and often number 1 rank, Bells & Bows for several high volume searches in all of Canada's western cities.


How did David Howse Marketing do this?

Like any business that is great at what it does, David Howse spent countless hours perfecting the craft. Getting to number one on Google requires excellent SEO skills. David Howse formulated an intense multi-process strategy to ensure the Lethbridge business owners (and Calgary and Edmonton as well) they work with get the best possible results.

When it comes to website design, the sooner a marketing focus is put in place, the better your site will be. SEO is the domain of a marketer - not a web designer. By understanding marketing and SEO, we can help put your website at the top of everyone’s list.


lethbridge seo calgary search engine optimization internet marketing alberta

Basic SEO: Our SEO services start at $250 per month. Most of our clients, including Lethbridge's FloorRight use this service. Our guarantee is to rank you on the first page of Google for four search terms.

Advanced SEO: Not only will we rank your website on the first page of Google, we will guarantee a top three ranking. We will also put your business on Google maps.

Advanced Plus SEO:

  • First page google ranking
  • top three google ranking
  • Google map listing
  • Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn business profile set up
  • Plus we will schedule social media posts every day of the month on all three sites, that's 90 posts a month.