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Calgary Radio Advertising

I've seen many results from my clients' radio advertising campaigns. In all cases, I consider radio to have failed miserably. What happened? Generally, the worst results come when a business owner works directly with a radio advertising rep. Most Calgary business owners don't have access to a completely unbiased database of past advertising campaigns of other Calgary businesses or radio stations.

The first goal of radio advertising is to create revenue for the radio station's parent company's shareholders. This leaves the radio stations advertising sale person in a very difficult situation. Even Calgary's best men's clothing store gets calls and emails for ad reps suggesting radio ad campaigns for my client's very high-end clothing! Radio is not mass advertising medium that can address all products.

As with all of the marketing I work on, I collect the data - the results.

The chart below (actual data from a radio campaign) shows what I think is representative of the average effectiveness of radio advertising when there is no real strategy behind your marketing. This is the result of just saying, "yes" when a radio ad rep calls you.

Not all radio advertising has to be like this. Having a marketer work on the overall strategy and coordinating that strategy with the possibility of radio will yield much better results.

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I have other clients that use radio and are happy with it - as far as they can tell. To effectively advertise, coordinating all of you advertising to fit your marketing strategy should be a priority. Doing five kinds of advertising through five different people will just create chaos.

Some problems with radio are a declining listenership and the spread of alternative audio preferences such as satellite radio, people plugging in their iPod or iPhone in to their car stereo and, the typical changing the station when commercials play.

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