Calgary retail marketing consultant

I generally have an anti-print advertising message. I do believe print is dying and is becoming less effective. Even though my father, a 47-year veteran of print production, publishing, and advertising taught me everything he knew, I acknowledge the reality that print is not what it used to be.

The challenge is making what does get printed stand out and deliver a relevant message. If you want to do print, whether mailbox flyers, newspaper ads, brochures, and more, make sure the person doing it isn't going to do the fastest and cheapest job possible.

By spending just a little more money, you can move from the black and white laser printer flyer to a professionally designed and printed piece. Almost all of my print work is off-set press which means superior quality.

I can also get you a price that is 10-30% cheaper than what you would get if you approached a printer yourself. Like everything else, my process of print advertising is driven by marketing.

The above image is the front of a flyer that I sent to every business in Lethbridge (February 9-10, 2010). On February 15, I will send a second piece that completes the message. For more details and larger portfolio of my print work, click Alberta Print Advertising. Call 403-991-8863 to get started.