How to be a better marketer

The point of this page is to discuss some basic points of our philosophy on marketing.

Marketing as a concept is very simple. Marketing is the facilitation of a transaction whether that be a good, a service, or an idea. The skill of marketing is all about how to make that transaction profitable. Anyone can spend a dollar to make a dollar - but why would you want to?

In terms of advertising, promotion, pricing, etc. marketing is about making an initial best guess at what should be done to make that transaction happen. Good marketing is the process of taking the steps that work and building on them while changing or completely removing the steps that are not as productive.

A good marketer is both experienced in marketing and intelligent in understanding the way people operate.

The ultimate goal of marketing tends to be about creating a great marketing system that is well integrated with your supply chain and finances.

Calgary may not be all that different, on the surface, from other cities in Canada. A good marketer is aware of the unique assets found within Calgary and can leverage those with common assets in the general marketing community.