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Canada Business Contact Lists

We Are Not a Fax Broadcaster, We Sell Fax Lists and Are Fax Marketing Consultants

Update: July 3, 2013: Major Price Reduction on Fax Lists. Buy the entire Canadian Fax List for only $399!

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Is Fax Dead?

Not yet, and not by a long shot! According to NPD, Americans bought 350,000 fax machines in 2012, which was down 14 percent from 2011. That means more than 700,000 of them were sold in the last two years alone.

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New 2013 Prices!!!

Province Their Total Their Total with FAX # Their Total after Duplicates Removed Their Total after most School, Hospital, and Gov/Public Service #'s Removed*
These are  the lists  
  we sell.  
Our Current Fax List Accuracy. Approx. number based on client reports. Their Price

 canada fax lists
Atlantic Canada (NL,NS,PEI,NB) 80,747 33,388 26,119 22,556 60% $807.47 $59
Quebec 259,007 91,236 79,410 67,140 60% $2,590.07 $149
Ontario 443,454 121,463 102,769 88,64860% $4,434.54 $179
Manitoba 41,848 15,258 13,259 11,60560% $418.48 $29.99
Saskatchewan 41,500 15,183 13,170 11,21460% $415.00 $29.99
Alberta 116,829 55,836 49,396 44,10460% $1,168.29 $79
British Columbia 164,017 65,421 58,194 51,483 60% $1,640.17 $89
NWT, Yukon, Nunavut 6,402 3,613 2,826 1,775 60% $64.02 $3.99
All Canada List 1,153,804 398,398 345,143 298,525 60% $11,538.04 $399

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Choose Your Fax List
Buy any list and get NWT FREE!

Call 1-403-991-8863 today if you want help writing and designing your fax sales letter. To buy our fax list just select the appropriate PayPal option above. As we run the lists ourselves we will update the lists with the numbers that work for us. We are currently working to filter the lists to only give you successful numbers. The above table will be updated as we finish calling each province.


What Do Our Fax Lists Look Like?

Name Address City Prov P Code Phone Fax SIC Code Description

Our Fax lists are provided in MS Excel or .csv format.

Before you begin using fax marketing read this:
CRTC Rules Regarding Fax Marketing

There are Laws in Canada Regarding Fax Marketing:

This is what I do:

  • I only send faxes between 9 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. (their time)
  • I make it clear who the fax is from, including my telephone number, fax number and name and address. This is a funny CRTC rule when you look at it from a marketing perspective. The whole point of the fax is to get your phone ringing or to have sales related conversations. You would be stupid not to do this.
  • I never sequentially dial. This means 555-0001 then 555-0002 ... you will only waste time and money. BUY A GOOD LIST.
  • I never call emergency line or healthcare facilities. On top of this CRTC requirement, I do not fax government offices at any level or social service organizations, K - 12 Schools, Banks, public services such as libraries, or churches.
  • I have A DO NOT CALL list. Keep this for 3+ years. I delete the numbers right away. The CRTC rule states that the number must be deleted within 7 days of the request.
  • CRTC has a rule about the Centrex service; I don't use CENTRIX so I'm not concerned but you should click the CRTC Rules Regarding Fax Marketing link to see if it applies to you.
  • I don't want to be given two-days-notice of having my phone line terminated so I follow these rules.