Unlocking the Secrets of China Products

How to make money importing from China

One of the problems with the reputation of products manufactured in China is not that they are so poorly made, it is that someone is buying them.

Think of a product you know nothing about. How do you gauge the value of that product? If you were to go to a store here in Canada to buy this product that is outside your scope of knowledge how would you know if the price were a good one for it? What if there were hundreds of similar products?

Success in importing from China to Canada starts with research

If you don't know the language or the culture, then you will likely be one of those unfortunate people who ends up with boxes of dirt instead of what you thought you bought. Even if you received what you paid for, how do you know the price and quality will translate in to sales on the Canada side?

Stick with what you know

David Howse, President of David Howse Marketing, first trip to China was solely for research purposes for some of his clients. The next few trips were to build relationships. This process resulted in his clients being very happy and in turn, he started two new businesses:
  • Harmony Fashion Inc. (HarmonyFashion.Net)
  • FancyCufflinks.Com

China Canada Business Consultant

You can hire us on a full services basis with a starting price of about $8000 per project or sit with David for a couple hours to ask questions for only $250. Call 403-991-8863 when you are ready to book an appointment.