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Calgary Video Production

Calgary Green Screen Production with Cawston & Associates

We've been doing video production since 1996! The above photo and the photo and video below are from the same shot. The only difference is the editing. With a green screen we can change any environment in to something very suitable for presenting your company.

Calgary Green Screen Video Production

Calgary Video Production: Tax Accounting

Updated: October 16, 2014. The following two videos are from a series produced for our client, Cawston & Associates who are the leading tax consultants here in Calgary. These are the same videos from the above green screen photos.

Canadian Pump & Compressor

including Global TV interview of CPC owner, Owen Myhre.

short version interview of CPC owner, Owen Myhre.

Frank Lonardelli

Eighth Avenue Limited Partnership Tour

Calgary Video Production

calgary video production

Nothing will help your marketing more than video (beyond personal interaction that is). If your website does not have video, if your general marketing does not have video, then you are far from running an effective marketing campaign. Video increases your customers interest. Whether you are B2B or B2C video gets the message across.

Just think about it, what is more likely to be understood: two pages of text or, a video demonstrating those two pages?

When David Howse Marketing produces your video we:

  1. learn about your business to better understand the story
  2. create the story board to help you follow the vision (or for you to help us with your idea)
  3. produce a 1080p video with:
    1. video
    2. still images
    3. music
    4. text
    5. voice over
  4. provide you with a copy
  5. set up a YouTube page for your business (if needed)
  6. and help you add it to your website (if needed)

Did you know that David Howse has 11 professional film and television credits from Vancouver and Los Angeles?

    calgary video production lethbridge commercial editor tv
  • Andromeda - Season 2 (Gene Roddenberry Si-Fi)
  • Cold Squad - Season 2 (CTV)
  • Inspectors 2 - (ShowTime TV movie starring Louis Gossett Jr.)
  • In the Name of the People - (CBS TV movie)
  • Nuclear Dynamite (NFB documentary)
  • and six others; plus, worked indirectly on over 50 other productions in editing.
  • See David Howse's biography on the Internet Movie Database
  • FloorRight Interiors - Lethbridge
  • Calgary Social Network Marketing
  • The Water Alarm - Canada
  • China Product Review
  • Floor Right Interiors - Lethbridge
  • FloorRight Interiors - Lethbridge
  • Video Re-Edit for Colony Distribution Inc.
    The US distributor supplied this video. We removed their branding and Spanish language segments and added Colony Distribution's contact information. Different website
  • Colony Distribution Inc. Industrial/Commercial Floor Protection