Bill Cawston of Cawston & Associates

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David is a creative genius, there's no doubt about that!

We started working with David back in May of 2007. In 2010, under David's guidance, we ramped up our marketing efforts and the results have paid off more than ten-fold.

David's breadth of knowledge was key when we were connecting the dots of our marketing message. We are Calgary-based tax consultants serving all of Canada who bring the best possible resolution to bankrupt business, near bankrupt business, and businesses who are feeling the heat from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Taxation and corporate governance is a complex world and David took us through the whole marketing process with the same competency and professionalism we give our own clients. Do not hesitate to call us to confirm our statement about David Howe Marketing or, as David pointed out, to inquire how we can protect your business before undesirable tax-related issues occur.


William Cawston
(403) 251-5925