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Fourteen Steps to Properly Importing Goods and Selling them in Canada

  1. Find the products
  2. Test market the samples
  3. Business Plan
  4. Arrange Financing
  5. Open bank account
  6. Get liability insurance
  7. Incorporate
  8. GST and Importing Number
  9. CA Number, if textiles
  10. More Legal Stuff
  11. Place Order
  12. Arrange Shipping and Customs Broker
  13. Warehouse Goods
  14. Sell Goods.

Calgary China Business Update May 22, 2014

This past January, 2014 I completed my fourth visit to China. Like all of the other trips it was focused on product sourcing, importing, and relationship building.

I am still a little surprised that Canadian businesses are finding a particular behavioural change very difficult; many Canadian business owners are still dependant on US business knowledge for the simple task of product distribution.

There are literally thousands of holes in the Canadian market that are being filled by multiple levels of US-based middlemen who offer little to the value chain.

When you are ready to make your business more competitive and profitable I am here to help, unless of course, your competition calls me first.

Canada China Import Export Business & Cultural Consulting


I have returned from my three-week trip to China (Oct. – Nov. 2011).
I can only accommodate a few businesses a year because I handle everything personally. If you are thinking of doing something in China be sure to call me several months ahead of when you think you would actually need my services. The initial consulting fee is $250. My day rate in China (once you hire me and I am in China working for you) is $2000 plus expenses. I don’t want to sound rude but I get a lot of calls from tire kickers, please – if you call I will be asking for your credit card to process the $250 charge. For that $250 you will get one hour of my time (over the telephone or one-on-one) plus two hours of time from my China team (Grace and Sharlin) to do any needed background research.

Thank you,
David Howse
Tel: 4O3-991-8863

Another website that you can visit for more information on working with China manufacturers:

Canada China Business Consultant

Canada China Business Tours and Consulting. China Exporting, Canada Importing, and Negotiating

After my experiences at the 109th Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China I saw a market for a full service Canada China Business Guide.

On one occasion, in China, I was sitting in a KFC negotiating with a manufacturer from the Philippines. As we were working through three possible scenarios of the agreement I noticed a gentleman eavesdropping on the conversation. The next day I ran in to that man, an Australian, who after apologizing for listening in, began to ask me a series of questions related to negotiations.

Also, throughout the Canton Fair, I saw a lot of Westerners being escorted by Chinese translators. These translators had no business qualifications but they acted as the number one resource to some of the buyers.

With this knowledge, I put together a small team – myself and an experienced China product sourcing partner (who speaks excellent English, and who can actually get a better price that I can) to help Canadian business owners connect with Chinese manufacturers.

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Call David Howse at (403) 991-8863 for more information on China Exporting, Canada Importing, Negotiations with Chinese factory owners and much more. Or click the above image.

Click: Canadians at Canton Fair to go to the main website.

Some video I shot at the 109th Canton Fair.

David Howse is a Calgary, Alberta, Canada Marketing and Business Consultant. He is the publisher of Alberta Marketing Strategy magazine; owner of Matterhorn Public Relations which handled the Bill Borger Mt. Everest expedition, and David Howse Marketing.

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