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Hire David Howse Marketing as your online bridal shop website designer.

Sell Wedding Gowns and Bridal Accessories Online

At David Howse Marketing, we are heavily involved in the bridal industry. We do marketing consulting work for bridal shops, work in the pageant industry, and own and operate Canada Bridal Accessories Wholesale Ltd.

We know that the number-one issue facing the bridal industry today is online shopping and especially online shopping from counterfeit gown brand websites.

An e-commerce website won’t necessarily solve the problem of your bridal shop being used as a try-on store but it will give you access to the same market that modern bridal resellers enjoy.

Creating new revenue sources can enable you (because you will no longer fear the risk of store policy changes) to implement in-store policies that reduce the “try-on store online shoppers.”

Who is David Howse?

David Howse, the President of David Howse Marketing Ltd., has been in marketing his whole life. Not surprising, one of his first clients was a bridal shop. Through that experience, he created Canada Bridal Accessories Wholesale Ltd. It’s unlikely that there is anyone else who has more marketing and bridal industry experience.

Set Up an Ecommerce Shopping Cart for Your Bridal Shop and Sell Online

  1. E-Commerce Enabled!
  2. Mobile Device Ready!
  3. Accept all Credit Cards!
  4. Facebook Group!
  5. SEO!
  6. Add and edit your own content!
  7. Training and Support!
  8. You can carry your own products
  9. Get the Best Prices from CanadaBridalWholesale.Com
  10. Rent Monthly with No Commitment or Own!

 The Cost of an Ecommerce Bridal Shop Website

Make sure you visit A website like this, with your own business information can cost as little as $299 a month!

What do you get for $299 a month?

  1. Everything from points 1 to 10 above plus
  2. The domain name: A $20 per Year Value
  3. The website hosting: A $200 per Year Value

The normal price for a website like this is about $10,000 + $100/month in basic SEO work.

$299 per month is a deal!

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