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Surrogacy Alberta

Surrogacy Alberta

Surrogacy Services

In the Winter of 2017 Proud Fertility became one of our clients. Their goal was to become more well known for their surrogacy services.  According to Proud Fertility, becoming a parent is not an easy decision at first. Some tend to think conceiving a baby should be an easy process, unfortunately, we are not all privy to this. Thankfully, there are organizations likes Proud Fertility, that advocate to enlighten and educate the community regarding the importance of surrogacy. Surrogate mothers are motivated in different ways to have another persons’ child; no matter the sexual orientation, infertility or being single.

Wendy (name changed to provide anonymity), a Client Care Manager is a three-time proud surrogate. She is 100 percent motivated to surrogacy because there is nothing like feeling the joy of making a parent happy. She states, “Though they could not carry it themselves, they were there every step of the way. They experience the good, the bad, the joys, everything you should when you are an expected parent”. Wendy thinks the entire experience is satisfying and the joy she is able to give new parents for the first time is indescribable. This feeling encourages her to become a surrogate again and again.

Another Client Care Specialist Christina (name changed to provide anonymity), is a first-time proud surrogate. She is encouraged to help the lesbian and gay communities because they deserve to have a family. As the LGBT group struggles with adoption, she is determined to change lives and give families outside the norm the ability to have a family. She states, “I can’t change the world with my wallet, so this is my way of giving something that is absolutely priceless that will change everybody’s life”. Christina believes everyone has the right to a family and she is one of the many surrogates that make a difference in a parent’s life.

Women become surrogates for different reasons but the main reason is to help bring joy into the world for unfortunate individuals; by helping each family achieve their dreams via surrogacy.

Our marketing services for Proud Fertility included Public Relations and Search Engine Optimization.

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