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LinkedIn Page Admin Change 2017

LinkedIn Page Admin Change 2017

Billion Dollar Marketing versus Local Marketing

What’s the difference between the marketing of some of the biggest companies in the world and local, low budget companies?

linkedin marketingUsually, large marketing budgets gets a much wider reach, have a more visually appealing and high functioning product, have better reporting, better research, and almost better everything. But mistakes still happen. One such case is with LinkedIn’s new “user experience” upgrade. They forgot to include the functionality of changing a business page’s admin when no one knows who the admin is. Sometimes LinkedIn pages are managed by a particular employee who, over time, didn’t stay in the communication loop with management. Eventually, everyone at the company forgets who set up the LinkedIn account. If that employee leaves then the business page is locked (assuming I.T. has no records of previous emails).

I’m dealing with such a situation now. Here’s LinkedIn’s reply to my admin change request.

LinkedIn Page Admin Change 2017

Dear David, Thank you for contacting LinkedIn . Unfortunately, the functionality to request administrator access to Company Pages is currently unavailable in the new Company Page experience. Our Product Team is aware of this missing functionality and working on a solution. If you know any of the current administrators of the Company Page you would like to access, please reach out to one of them directly. Current administrators are able to add new administrators by following these steps. Currently, there are no alternatives to request administrator access and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. We know that this is not a good experience, but please note this is just a temporary measure. The product team is currently looking at an internal solution that will enable us to better support such cases. This internal solution will be used until the member facing functionality is available again. Stay tuned! We appreciate your understanding in this regard.Please feel free to write back to me if you have any further issues or queries. I am always glad to assist you. Have a great day ahead! Warm Regards, [employee name removed] LinkedIn Support Specialist

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