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Alberta Real Estate Development Marketing

Alberta Real Estate Development Marketing

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development Marketing in Alberta

Since January 2015, David Howse Marketing has been developing the marketing plan for Waterford Station at Sylvan Lake. In these past 12 months we have also executed the marketing strategy for this commercial and residential real estate development.

David Howse Marketing Calgary

David Howse (right) with Blackstone Developments Inc.’s Doug McGill (September, 2015)

Like all marketing, the core areas to properly run a marketing program in a major commercial and residential real estate development are (a) an understanding of the product and (b) properly identifying the target audience.

One area outside of the scope of marketing but critical in the marketing process are the feasibility and land use studies. Our marketing efforts are largely benefited by the fact that Blackstone Developments Inc. commissioned three land use studies. Also to our benefit is that David Howse Marketing has partnered with several of Calgary’s largest land developers for the past six years. The combination of strong product knowledge and being directly connected to the target audience should lead to a successful marketing campaign.

Regardless of who and what you know, nothing is ever guaranteed. With our usual level of 100 percent commitment to a project we expect Waterford Station at Sylvan Lake to be a success from a concept-to-development perspective.

Watch this three-minute video for the core of the marketing proposition.

Some of our marketing efforts will be visible on but the most important efforts will happen behind the scenes in our B2B marketing strategy. We’ll update this page in Spring 2016 as some of our activities become more public.

It is likely that the B2C side of marketing will be taken over by various leasing and residential developers.

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