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Bill Borger Takes One Day Off a Year

Bill Borger Takes One Day Off a Year

When you have 400 employees and a growing company make sure your annual day off is special

Earlier this week I had a power meeting with Bill Borger. What is a power meeting? Imagine you have 15 minutes to discuss seven challenges, picking out the challenges that you are capable of handling (which for me happened to be three of them), giving a one-minute pitch then-and-there on a solution for each of those challenges, and then being told – “Okay, they’re yours. Next week give me a two-page proposal on each of your three areas.” Meeting Ended. That is a power meeting.

Good Presidents of large companies don’t try to solve every problem. They try to surround themselves with people who can. What’s as important as a good team is the health of the members of that team.

Bill is known for some amazing accomplishments which often require him to take a day off. In 1996 he took a day off and cycled across Canada. Four year later, on a day off in 2000, he swam the English Channel. His next day off didn’t come until May 11, 2011 and on that day he climbed Mt. Everest.

Lately he has been using his day off for more relaxing adventures such as today’s American Music Awards in Los Angeles. Pictured below Bill accompanies Jaime Rasmussen at Microsoft Square for the red carpet walk to the American Music Awards. No one knows where Bill found the time to find a perfectly fitting Versace jacket but I’m guessing Jaime picked it up for him while she went shopping for YSL – on her day off.

Bill Borger at the American Music Awards 2015

Bill Borger with Jamie Rasmussen

David Howse would like to thank the Onion for the inspiration to work on his satirical writing – which still isn’t very good. And thank you to Bill for giving me a job at Borger… and the many days of vacation that I get.

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