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Marketing for Cleaning Companies in Calgary

Marketing for Cleaning Companies in Calgary

Cleaning Company Marketing

This week I was asked by a cleaning company to offer some advice on marketing. I decided to offer the advice here on my blog. Here is my take on what is missing in the Calgary cleaning industry. I have seen the following at both the residential and the corporate cleaning contract level.

The biggest inhibitor of revenue growth for most cleaning companies is that most cleaning companies’ ownership do not take full ownership of their operations. For the most part, a cleaning company’s operations creates the best marketing platform.

A cleaning company can try to create new business by (to name a few)

  • sending out fliers
  • telemarketing / lead generation
  • ranking their website at the top of Google (SEO)
  • promote itself on social media
  • run radio spots, or do print advertising

Long-term, none of these tactics will work unless the other side of marketing, customer satisfaction, is the top priority. The rules of marketing are generally the same for all businesses but some business owners forget that there are two sides to marketing. Marketing is about attraction and retention. Some business owners focus on how to get customers in the door but forget to focus on what to do after a sale is made.

Clients will love a cleaning company’s services if it has a sound operations plan. Most cleaning company owners have no idea what is happening on the ground level. This week I watched one of my top clients dump their cleaning company because, for a year or more, the cleaner did a poor job. The change came about two weeks after I asked my client’s management who the cleaner was (because the floors, desk, and out of direct site areas never seemed clean). I didn’t think much of my comments but they sparked a bigger conversation that resulted in acknowledgement that the service paid for was not the service provided. This cleaning company could have retained my client if the owner of the cleaner was more hands on in his business’ operations.

At the residential level I personally have tried many cleaners. After going through five different cleaners I finally found one that was actually interested in doing good work.

If ownership doesn’t take ownership of its own mission – which I hope is “to provide a clean workplace” then they are in the wrong business. How difficult can it be for a cleaning company to live up to such a simple mission statement? In Calgary, very difficult it seems.

Once a cleaning company gets its operations in order, then and only then should it turn its attention to a good marketing plan. The marketing plan should focus on (and probably in this order):

  • referrals
  • word of mouth marketing management (the key here is management)
    • I am shocked at how few marketing companies enable their clients to spread the word. Where are the referral bonuses of 50% of the first month cleaning? Where are the cards saying “just be a nice guy/gal and give me a damn referral! (for illustration purposes, please don’t actually say this)” Provide branded trash cans, get your name in the workplaces you serve. Connect WOMM with sales management.
  • testimonials
  • personal sales based on relationships with happy customers
  • leveraging happy clients with social media, seo and a good website

Feel free to respond if you have some insights to offer.


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