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Teaching My First Marketing Class

Teaching My First Marketing Class

Social Media Marketing at Mount Royal

Update: September 9, 2017

Since 2015, I have taught social media marketing at MRU five times and will teach again in November 2017. I’ve learned a lot about teaching in that time. Here are a few of the key points that helped me:

  1. Guiding students to work best as a team. In the first couple of classes I noticed collaboration issues that could have been solved with hindsight – which I didn’t have. I kept notes of these issues and in future classes added these points as advice in my first lecture of the class.
  2. Student first impressions mean a lot for an instructor – always be prepared and run smooth lectures
  3. Early in the first class make sure every student is clear what the outcome of the class will be. The marketing class I teach is somewhat complicated and students usually don’t appreciate what they are doing until about the second-last class. They are creating a major social media portfolio piece for the first time. After they present to the client (a real world client) everything becomes clear.
  4. As a new instructor, like I was, if you care about what you are doing, you will become more and more competent as an instructor. Being a great teacher doesn’t happen overnight. My student evaluations steadily improved to where the school administration now thanks me for the job I am doing. The administration was patient with me early on. It wasn’t as though my evaluations were poor, they were always good but just not great. My last evaluation averaged a 3.98/4.


The original article:

Starting in November of 2015 I will teach Social Media Final Project: XSUB 10021 at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

One thing I am learning is that developing a course is no easy task. I’ve worked professionally with social media since 2008 but downloading from my brain the complete 360 of how to design a social media marketing plan is a challenge.

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One of the best uses of social media for a construction company is as a HR Recruiting tool.

Previously I had guest lectured twice at Lethbridge College and once at Mount Royal University so the classroom is not foreign to me but writing a course for the first time is like learning a new language.

Most of my marketing clients have a high degree of trust with me so documentation was usually in the form of emails. Many of those clients were so busy with day-to-day operations that, for them, reading a social media marketing plan was something they preferred to leave in my hands. The expectation was that I would personally guide their social media and only when needed my client would add content themselves.

Often, the social media content for the week comes in the form of an email that reads, “David, X-event coming up next month, here’s the What and How much – you take care of the rest. Email me when it’s done.”

I run social media marketing for five businesses, my style is a little different than other social media marketers. First, I don’t post a lot. A lot of marketers are paranoid with relevancy, i.e. posting 5 times a day to stay in people’s minds. While this may work for some businesses for my clients it is too much. Q Haute Cuisine, for example, only has postings a couple times a month. The events they hold have limited seating, are top-tier priced, and I doubt their clientele want to see five updates a day from a single Facebook page.

One thing I hope to bring to this class (which is outside of the scope of the class and program) is an understanding of the connection between a business’s finances, its marketing budget, its target market, and providing a good return on the investment the business is making in social media marketing. David Howse Marketing doesn’t do a lot of social media marketing for itself because my clientele are company Presidents and CEOs and these relationships come almost entirely from referrals. Understanding the time, place, and intensity for each element of the marketing toolset is an art. These elements create solutions. The ability to communicate and implement the correct marketing solutions for my clients is the only reason they have me around. For every one of my clients I do recommend a social media marketing strategy.

I don’t expect to deliver a lifetime of marketing knowledge in 21 hours but I do hope I can give the class an understanding of marketing that they could not find anywhere else.

The main thing I am enjoying with this course creation process is the amount of reviewing I am doing and putting much of my knowledge in to one place (the broad strokes at least).

The other advantage I foresee in teaching is the interaction and sharing of knowledge within the class. I’m almost certain that if I instruct this class again next year the course content will be greatly improved.

I’ll update this post in the coming months with my new experiences in the classroom.

Below are some course materials I am setting up for the students.

Module 8: Content Plans and Calendars
Download a Social Media Marketing Content Calendar Template

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