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Calgary Lead Generation Business For Sale

Calgary Lead Generation Business For Sale

Calgary Lead Generation Business For Sale

If you know anything about business then you know sales are the backbone. If you know anything about sales then you know lead generation is the backbone. was set up two years ago on the recommendation of my clients. I’m the David Howse of David Howse Marketing Ltd. The problem with the site is my phone rang too much and I couldn’t focus on my main business (see

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Over the past two years this site has added about $30,000 in revenue. The site has two revenue streams (1) people who just want a list or new list built (2) people who want a list and someone to call on their behalf.

There is actually a third revenue source…

When we complete a lead generation project sometimes the relationship with the client has grown and we can pitch them other services. These other services can be website design, SEO, video production, and other marketing services. is an excellent way to start a new marketing business. If you have a good business imagination and understand that business owners calling you to ask about your services is only a dream for most aspiring business people then you will see the asking price as a very good deal.

Why does my phone ring?

Almost all of the marketing for is great SEO. Google Calgary Lead Generation or any relevant terms and you’ll see the site ranked #1.

I’ve done almost zero marketing or business development with this project. The site is a challenge for me, as I just don’t have time to take many of the calls from people wanting my services. I’ve even added some tough qualifiers at to try to slow the number of people calling me for this service.

What you get for $18,000

  1. The website and domain for built on WordPress and hosted at Godaddy
  2. Website contains about 300 business list databases
  3. About 20 new Alberta, BC, and Sask business lists (50-1500 in size)
  4. An introduction to Cherylle who is my main caller. She is based in the Philippines, has a degree in psychology, a super hard worker, and works for $11 USD/hr.
  5. An introduction to my business contact list builders/online researchers who are 20X more efficient than anything you or I could do.
  6. Three hours of my time to understand the current process of how I manage clients.

Around Dec. 2014 I took two calls in the same week that created $10,000 in revenue.

If I had employees and wanted a larger marketing company then this would be an awesome asset for me.

Buy it before I change my mind and take this ad down.

The $18,000 can be discounted to $10,000 if you give me a top banner ad on each page 100px x 960px to market my other services. You already have your first client!



(1) Can you explain the $30,000 Revenue?

The $30,000 is in two years but it’s not an important number to focus on. I only take about 50% of the calls/emails from people wanting my services from I operate,, and a couple others so I just have no time to maximize the revenue from

(2) How much I can make per month/year if I was to buy this business?

What you can make from this website or any website depends on three things: the site operator’s skill, the time he or she puts in to the site, the customer’s demand for the business.

(2) How much time do I have to put in to this business?

I don’t ever recommend that you buy a business where you expect to put every waking minute of your life in to it – for the first few months at least.

How much time you need to put in to the business depends on what you want from the business. I put about 3-4 hours a week. If David Howse Marketing could scale more easily I would assign a staff member to run it and turn it in to a much bigger business.

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