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Calgary Social Media Marketing – Restaurants and Photographers

Calgary Social Media Marketing - Restaurants and Photographers

A case study of relationship building through social media

I’d like to share a great social media story with you (this is the two-minute version).

Q Haute cuisine is one of the top restaurants in Calgary (and Canada!). I manage much of their marketing including social media. Anyone who visited Q’s Twitter account can see about a one-year gap in its use. In 2014 we focused on a lot of things but Twitter wasn’t one of them.

Calgary Restaurant Marketing

Yesterday I was given control of the twitter account. After reviewing the account I found a mention on Twitter and a beautiful photograph from a local photographer who had just finished shooting a wedding reception at Q Haute.

Social Media Marketing isn’t an island. Think about how one marketing tool can help another.

The day before I had chatted through the Q Haute Facebook page with the photographer after she mention Q Haute on Facebook. I reached out to her with an idea that Q Haute had never tried before. Q agreed to let me add a “featured photographer” page to their website. Once a month we will host photos from within Q by local photographers who had worked wedding receptions there.

Calgary Restautant Social Media Marketing

Everyone is on board with the idea; Q’s owners love the idea, as does the photographer. The photographer reciprocated with an offer of her own to create a print booklet of Q Haute featuring her photography that Q can hand out to engaged couples looking for a wedding reception venue.

This is a good case about employees who may know exactly what is happening day to day but just don’t have the time to sit around and think of marketing and business development ideas. I’ve worked with over 100 businesses in Alberta and I think this story is typical in business. Giving your employees their normal task load and then expecting them to come up with great ideas for your business is a difficult proposition. Q Haute and most other businesses have an outside marketing consultant helping them do the things business owners just don’t have the time for.

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