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The Internet Marketing Checklist

The Internet Marketing Checklist

The Internet Marketing Checklist – How to Make Money

First Draft: March 21, 2104 (build the outline)
Update: July 25, 2014

This post is an ongoing project, there is no set completion date. The goal is to describe in detail of how I start a business and the exact marketing steps I take.


Before we begin, I want to make a few things clear. This post isn’t about being a nice person, about being popular, about following rules that are outside of our legal requirements to follow, or anything else other than making money on the Internet.

The legal aspect is very important since breaking laws can cost you all of your profit and create an economic loss in the form of opportunity costs.

As much as conversations such as, “Black Hat SEO is Unethical” are a waste of my time, we still ought to be legally compliant.


Up to about 2011 you could manipulate the hell out of Google and make all 10 of your own websites rank in the top 10 for a particular search. The time of overt Google manipulation is over – it now takes a bit more creativity.

Regardless of the Google algorithm, the fundamentals of marketing remain the same.





Together, the Four Ps create the framework for whatever concept you are trying to capitalize.

Now that Google has made it more difficult to manipulate, we need to adjust our playbook.

There’s More to Internet Marketing than Google



WordPress operates on a Promotion and Place level. As a website development platform it allows for the obvious creative elements but has several plugins such as WooCommerce which turns your website in to a fully functional e-Commerce website.


WordPress themes, either free or paid, speed up the design process. Choose a theme that is well tested and offers support. The stock WordPress theme Twenty Eleven is a good place to start but you might quickly outgrow it – don’t worry, themes are easily changed.


Plugins give WordPress it’s teeth. Woocommerce connected to your Paypal account allow financial transactions; Woocommerce Export and Import plugins allow you to quickly set up items you well sell in Excel and import them in to your website.


Paypal allows you to accept credit card payments. It’s probably the best start-up payment system, as you don’t need to sign a contract. Paypal takes about 3% of your transaction as a fee so once/if your website generates about $2500 a month in sales you should switch to a full service credit card merchant account. Paypal also has a slightly higher abandoned shopping cart rate (when people leave your website even though they added items to the shopping cart).

Social Media





Google Plus

Social Media Tools



The Product and or Service



So far everything we have discussed has no “beauty” to it. Maybe your product is so awesome that it all but sells itself – but likely, you are not so fortunate.

Creativity should be applied to all elements of your marketing. When people think of creativity they think of web design and advertising.

The following image was created from three photos of cufflinks and Adobe Photoshop.


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