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Canada Bridal Accessories Wholesale

Canada Bridal Accessories Wholesale
canada bridal accessories wholesale

For the BEST prices in Canada for bridal accessories you need to call 403-991-8863. Garters, Hair Pins, Necklaces, Ear rings, Necklaces, garment accessoires like bra bads, crystal embedded fabrics, and much more!

Canada Bridal Accessories Wholesale getting ready to launch.

Do you own a bridal shop in Canada? Maybe you have a fashion boutique in Toronto, or a hair salon in Regina, or own three or four bridal shops across British Columbia; well what ever kind of shop you own or do the fashion accessory purchasing for, get ready to start saving big!

A new fashion accessory wholesaler has just opened its doors to Canadian retailers. Canada Bridal Accessories Wholesale Ltd. has the best prices on

  1. hair pins (about 30 styles);
  2. bridal garters (two piece sets)
  3. tiaras with necklaces and ear rings in a beautiful heart-shaped box (these look spectacular!)
  4. necklace ear-ring sets
  5. garment accessories such as bra pads (the kind that your seamstress will sew in to the gown)
  6. countless crystal-studded jewellery accessories for adding that special touch to a gown
  7. and much more and in lots of COLOURS and DESIGNS!


The variety of their products can best be seen by these two examples:

Canada Costume Jewellery Wholesale Necklace Toronto Vancouver Calgary

With Canada Bridal Accessories Wholesale Ltd.’s discount purchase system your shop can have this necklace for as little as $5.00 CAD or $6.50 boxed.

Beautiful colours crystals necklace toronto bridal jewellery canada

On the other end of the fashion spectrum, this stunning multi coloured crystal embedded necklace and ear-ring set can be purchased for a low as $22. Trust me, no where in Canada are you buying this for $22 except Canada Bridal Accessories Wholesale Ltd.

The website (which can be visited by clicking either picture above) is up and running but the product photos, as of March 16, 2012, are still being added.

Call or email them for a price list and get ready to become more competitive with the other shops who haven’t yet figured out how to get the best prices.


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