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Lethbridge Fashion, Presenting the Bells & Bows 2012 Grammys Gown

Lethbridge Fashion, Presenting the Bells & Bows 2012 Grammys Gown

Lethbridge Fashion, Presenting the  Bells & Bows of Lethbridge 2012 Grammy Award Show Gown for a Lucky Calgary Woman.

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Lethbridge Calgary Wedding Gowns Grad Gowns 2012 Grammy Award Show

Monika and Bill will be attending the 2012 Grammy Award Show. This photo was taken in Calgary’s +15 just a few hours before their flight to Los Angeles. Gown designed by Angeline McDonald of Bells & Bows Bridal Centre in Lethbridge and by Jonathan Kayne.

This story started about 6 weeks ago when Bill Borger Jr. (I manage his PR) called me to say he would be attending the 2012 Grammy Award Show in Los Angeles (Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012). Along with helping on other arrangements like coordinating photographers, so this fun moment could be captured, Bill asked if I could get a VERY special gown designed for his date to the show.

I immediately called Angeline McDonald of Bells & Bows Bridal Centre in Lethbridge to ask if she could handle the gown design.
To be honest, I knew this was a no-brainer for Angeline as I have been working with her for the past three years; I’ve seen how hard Ang works to make every woman who walks in to her shop feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

[Special note: I’ve also seen a few “bride-zillas” walk in and act like  spoiled three-year-olds so, if you are one of those, please go somewhere else, Ang is a classy lady and I don’t want you wasting her time. I’ve also seen a few people think Bells & Bows is a “try-on shop” for their internet shopping, again, please – don’t do it, you are hurting everyone when you do this.]
Calgary Wedding Gowns Grad Dresses Lethbridge Alberta 2012 Grammy Award Show

I’m pretty sure this will be the nicest purse at the Grammys

Back to the gown! The style is called a hi-low. The deep blue was chosen to contrast with the red carpet and the hundreds of Swarovski crystals make the gown sparkle like a starlit sky, which, at the Grammys will certainly be full of stars. The shoes are also covered in Swarovski crystals and the purse is made of Ostrich feathers.

Calgary Wedding Gowns

In a day or two, Getty Images should be providing their photography of the Gown Angeline and Jonathan Kayne designed. Once (fingers crossed) that happens I’ll add them here. [We have the Getty Photo, see the end this article.]

I’ll end this with saying Angeline has done Lethbridge proud in taking her vocation to the highest level and representing the styles and imagination of Albertans. For what each of us does for a living pride should come when we know we are doing our best work possible. Ang, be proud.

If you are a woman looking for your wedding gown, grad, or cocktail dress it doesn’t matter if you live in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, or even a few blocks from Bells & Bows Bridal Centre – you now know who the best in Canada is. You might have a budget of $10,000 or a budget of $300, Angeline will make you look your best with what you can spend.

Angeline McDonald can be contacted at (403) 328-2355 and her Bridal Shop is located at 229 12 Street North  Lethbridge, Alberta. Visit here website at Bells & Bows Bridal Centre


David Howse,
PR Management for Bill Borger Jr.
Tel 403-991-8863

We would like to offer out condolences to the friends and family of Whitney Houston; rest in peace Whitney.

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