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Calgary Herald Online Advertising
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Calgary Newspapers Online and Print, are they worth it?

I just got off the phone with Michelle in the advertising department of the Calgary Herald. When I hung up a strange feeling hit me – it was a good feeling. So how does feeling “good” feel “strange?” The simple fact that I didn’t start or end the conversation with my back up against the wall while I was talking to someone who I would have, three years ago, called a “salesperson” made me think – my attitudes in marketing have changed.

There are just over 100 articles in this blog, about 50 of them have some form of verbal bashing of advertising salespeople. Just like my previous retraction of bashing TV and Radio, I’m understanding the importance of good relationships with all business service providers.


David Howse
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  1. As a media buyer specializing in print, I feel your pain! We deal with hundreds of advertising reps for our clients all over the country. Many are either not qualified to do their job or have no attention to detail. It is surprising when a rep cannot even give me the circulation figures for their publication! Every now and then we run into one that gives you a little hope. I, like you, truly appreciate the good ones when I come by them!

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