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Regina Bridal 2011

Regina Bridal 2011

Hey brides check out this unconventional dress style. Isn’t it beautiful! I found it in the Mon Cheri Collection at the Regina Bridal website. I spent the the afternoon checking through the list of designers they have, and ladies, if you haven’t found your dress yet you are in luck. Here is the link Regina Bridal and then you can click anywhere on the page to follow through to their main website.

So brides if you like the dress in the picture you may want to check out this site. Although the collection features a whole range of classic styles too.
If you click the previous link you will find  Mon Cheri Destinations is their featured collection. It is a very modern and simple style. If you are looking for a sleeveless silk dress with a modified mermaid style definitely check out this line. It has a very informal but simply elegant look. I love that are numerous photos too! On the other hand if you are a bride that is looking for a more classic white bridal dress you should check out their Mon Cheri Bridal collection.

They do offer high end fashion imported all the way from Italy for all you style conscious brides out there. La Chatuise is one of the designers in their European collection who has dresses which are exclusive for Bells and Bows Bridal Centre.  So if you want something all your own and definitely a dress that looks like it is right off the run way then check out this line. You will not find this collection in any other Bridal boutique!

Thanks- Shaina Vine

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