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What are the Benefits of Writing a Blog? Blogs and Blog Writing for Calgary and Lethbridge Businesses:

What are the Benefits of Writing a Blog? Blogs and Blog Writing for Calgary and Lethbridge Businesses:

Blog Writing for Calgary and Lethbridge Businesses – The Benefits, How to, and Advice

The first thing I want to start with is a partial count of how many people have visited one of three articles that are for one of my clients. The list is made up of search terms (what people type in to Google) and how many different times those searches were made in the past 6 months.

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I stopped the list just past 1000 because there were hundreds of other searches. The total searches for my client’s product is close to 2000. That means 2000 people were directed to one of my client’s three blog articles. Of those 2000 people, some read the article, some clicked a link in the article to visit my client’s website, and as with any blog article, some left right away.

The three blog articles for this Alberta business were about a special event, buying tips for my client’s product line, and the arrival of the 2010 product line. You can read more on Blogs for Calgary businesses , how blogs may compare to Yellow Pages, and how Google treats Blogs in Lethbridge (and everywhere else too).

Benefits of Blog Writing:

(1) Low Cost

(2) You get the word out FAST! Immediate news releases accessible by anyone with an Internet connection.

(3) You can engage your clients in a real conversation (like a forum)

(4) Increase your website traffic. Links can go back to your website.

(5) Competitive Differentiation: not a lot of Alberta businesses are writing blog articles

(6) With 5, you can demonstrate your expertise

(7) They work! Much like reason #1, check out this comparison of a Blogs versus Yellow Pages.

Tips on Blog Writing:

(1) Know your reader. If you are a lawyer write with a conservative and easy to follow style, if you are a fitness expert, have some excitement in the tone of the writing.

(2) Check your spelling and grammar. I am notorious for this so I use a spell checker and read the article several times over.

(3) Link to relevant pages on your website

(4) Have a title that only requires a quick glance from the reader for him or her to know what topic the article will cover (I break this rule but there’s a reason for it).

(5) Write in short paragraphs (about 3 or 4 sentences each). Use pictures and or video in each article.

(6) Promote your blog on your website and at your business. Put your Blog address on your business card.

(7) Have someone who is a very good with grammar read your first few articles to check proper English usage. If you don’t know anyone, go to my Calgary Marketing Website, click Helpful Resources, and then click the Common Errors in English link.

(8) Write weekly. Think of your Blog as a TV Show. Let people know that a new article will be there every week.

(9) Market it!


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