Calgary Market Research

calgary market research

Market research is one of the most critical steps to starting a new business. But don't be intimidated by the scientific jargon that makes up the research vocabulary.

Any time you talk to someone about a business idea, or ask a what-if business question, you are doing research. Asking the right people the right questions is a skill any good market research should have. A very good market researcher will, through his or her own business experience, tell you whether or not an idea is even worth researching; and an excellent market researcher will tell you how to enhance the idea you want to research to really put your idea ahead of the competition.

I can only suggest that you review the testimonials on this site to understand the kinds of people and businesses I work with. After that I am very confident that your next step will be to call me to set up an appointment to discuss your research needs. You will also learn that I do not bill like the over-sized firms; I own multiple businesses so I know how hard it is to get anything off the ground.

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